install oscommerce 2.2rc2a easily correctly

osCommerce is a free e-commerce open source.And the stable edition is oscommerce 2.2rc2a on 30th January 2008 .I wonder why osCommerce group didn’t tell us how to install oscommerce?This post tell you how to install oscommerce  easily and correctly!update url

Firstly feilong here tell you  two important facts below,

1.Where is the installation documents of oscommerce?Just <documentation.pdf> in the ‘’ .
2.Which files should I upload to my web hosting? Just the files under the ‘catalog ‘folder!

Then follow feilong to install oscommerce easily!

1.Create a new database via cpanel,write down the database name,username and password.Have no cpanel?Ask your web hosting feilong suggest a good webhosting lunarpages!

2.Download and download your own langneuage package as well.

3.unzip oscommerce and have a look at the files,especially the ‘ documentation.pdf ‘and the ‘catalog’ folder.

4.I want to install oscommerce at,so I upload the files under ‘catalog’,via cpanel.If you upload files via FTP,you should use acsii mode. If you want to install oscommerce at for example,upload the ‘catalog’ folder to the root of your website.

5.The permissions of the folders should be 755, if that does not work,try 777. Make sure that the includes/configure.php file and the admin/includes/configure.php file are set to 777. Once the install is complete,reset them to 644, 444, or 400.

6.Input ‘’.Installation begins!

7.localhost,database,username and password. Do not enable SSL, select to store sessions in the database but not files,and do not enable persistent connections.

8.After the install,create a folder called ‘backups’ inside the ‘admin’ folder (via FTP), and delete the install folder. Reset permissions on the ‘/configure.php’ and ‘admin/includes/configure.php’

9.login the backend of your oscommerce,change your password.

Enjoy osCommerce!or zencart:


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