install zencart easily in five steps

In order to install,feilong have tried oscommerce,but this time,feilong want to install zencart instead.So feilong write down this post,How to install zencart easily,the url is

FIRST, Are you ready for installation

1.Your domain and web hosting.Not any?Refer to
2.Database.If you have cpanel,creat it by yourself.If not,ask your web hosting provider for such information:database username and password.
3.Download zencart.feilong use zencart in Chinese.Of course you should use zencart in your language,refer to
4.Ftp tools like Filezilla.Of course you can use file manager if you have cpanel.

TWO, Upload zencart and have some settings

1.Upload zencart files to the root of your domain like
2.If have cpanel,you can go into file manager,then upload zencart package and unzip it online.
3.Check includes/dist-configure.php and admin/includes/dist-configure.php
Rename them and change the permissions to 777 (read-write-execute for all)

THREE, Change the permissions on the following directories and their subdirectories to 777


Feilong tips,my web hosting need NOT change the permissions at all.

FOUR, Open your internet brower,input your domain,then begin installation

1.localhost,need not change.
2.zen_,can be changed to jinxu99_ or whatever as you like.
3.Carefully when input database username and password.They are Case-insensitive.
4.Had better inistall the demo data,so as to study zencart later.
5.Need not choose phpbb temporary if you did not install phpbb before.
6.Need not  zen-cart auto update check.
7.Write down your zencart admin name and the password less to forget them?

FIVE, zencart installed OK

1.Go into the backend to test zencart
2.Go to the front to see if all is OK.
3.Test the register and shopping cart as well.


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