AdvanPower company Introduction translated by feilong

In 2006, AdvanPower International invents and Integrated electronic dimming (Self-Dim) products.From then on,power-saving technology has reached a new level. translated by feilong in 2010 shenzhen.

These electronic dimming products of Advanced international includes the following three series:

1.Intelligent Self-Dim Wall Switch:intuitively displays dimming levels
2.Intelligent Self-Dim Bulbs:nergy saving lamps, MR-16 LED bulbs, A60 LED Bulbs, T5/T8 lighting fixtures.
3.Intelligent Self-Dim Ballasts – T5/T8 electronic dimmable ballasts

In the next few years, the traditional incandescent lamp will be gradually replaced.And intelligent electronic dimming products will dominate for a long time in the fields of home lighting and commercial lighting,

Intelligent electronic dimming lights can freely dimming along with the scene or atmosphere.Moreover it life is about twice the normal energy-saving products.

Response to lighting and environmental needs,AdvanPower International invented these series of intelligent electronic dimming, They are the best choices on the market currently for electronic dimming.

Second, Why to choose dimming products of AdvanPower International?

1, Significantly reduce electricity costs, save 50% energy or more.
2, Lifespan are 2 times than that of normal dimmable lamps.

Therefore, to use dimming products of AdvanPower International is to save a lot of money for customers,to save valuable energy on earth, to slow or stop environmental pollution and destruction.

3, Profile of AdvanPower International

AdvanPower International Co., Ltd. was established in 2006. It is located in Ganshan Industrial Area,Guangming New Area,Bao’an District, Shenzhen, Guangdong,China,adjacent to Hong Kong and Macau.Moreover, strategic location of the company provides convenient ways of transportations, by sea or by land.

adjacent to Guangming Farm, near to Hong Kong and Macau,at strategic location with best transport of sea and land.

AdvanPower International has advanced technology sets of has a number of intelligently assembly lines,a number of automatic SMT lines, and related advanced testing devices.

To import information management systems in which ERP is the core,so as to ensure the product quality, AdvanPower International introduced world’s leading equipments frome abroad,such as Automatic Placements and CE/RoHS testing instruments.

Currently it has more than 500 employees.There are 50 persons as the key staff of senior managers, marketing planners and R&D doctors.And most of other staff educated from high schools colleges or universities.

Meanwhile, AdvanPower International advances the modern enterprise management system positively,has established a set of information management system in the enterprise interior.

Corporate housekeeping, product designing, market positioning, material purchase, manufacturing control, product testing, customer tracking, all  of these have been carring out standardized management and information management, enterprise strength and competitiveness was further deepened.

“Careful Management, Careful Manufacturing, Pursuit of Excellence and Honesty” are the company’s policies, to ensure best quality products of dimming, customers’ satisfaction, and best customer services.

Together with our AdvanPower,together towards the international!



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