How to setup xampp on vista

To create local sever on Windows,you can choose wamp,but today feilong delete wamp which I have setup,and try xampp instead.xampp is another php server on your local windows,for example,vista feilong used now.

How to setup xampp on vista?

1.First,download Xampp For Windows
2.Second,run the setup file,when It appears y or n,choose y and press enter
3.Three,choose 1 to start the control panel of xampp.Then press start buttons on the control panel to start phpmyadmin mysql and apache.
4.Last,input http://localhost or to have a look?

how to use xampp to test website on localhost?

1.first copy the site codes eg wordpress292 under the directery named htdocs.Then creat new database and user in phpmyadmin.
2.Second open your ie or firefox,input http://localhost/wordpress292
3.Go ahead step by step.

Feilong tips,
1.If you want to install wordpress mu on localhost,do not use http://localhost ,try,instead.Of course,you had better use http://localhost.localdomain,please refer to
2.If you want to use Wamp,refer to
3.The update url of this post is The Chinese edition


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