what is wireless router

First, what is wireless router?Wireless router, as its name says, is a router to tranmite wireless signals. It is the necessary equipment for wireless Internet access.This post url:http://feilong.org/wireless-router-en

Wireless router has all features that a simple wireless AP has, such as it support DHCP client, VPN, firewall, WEP encryption, and Network Address Translation(NAT).What is wireless AP:http://feilong.org/wireless-ap-en

Wireless router has simple built-in virtual dial-up software, it stores dial-up username and password, you can access ADSL, CM and other auto-dialing. In addition the wireless router also has security features.

Wireless Routers can be used to setup Local Area Network(LAN), family or residential shared ADSL wireless access。It can be directly connected with ADSL MODEM or CABLE MODEM,so as to turn wired signals into wireless signals.

Wireless routers can also be connected with switch, hub or broadband router, so ase to turn wireless signals into wired signals, then form a new LAN again.

Wireless routers on marketing popular generally support four kinds of access methods,that is xdsl, cable, or pptp

What is the shape of a wireless router? Have a look at the picture below:

Netgear wireless router,which is currently used by feilong.


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