What is a wireless AP

What is a wireless AP? Wireless AP is the AccessPoint in English,which means the wireless access point. Its role is to access internet after turning cabled network to wireless network to form a wireless wifi LAN, and your laptop or notebook receives signals from the point. This is somewhat similar to the switch or wireless hub.

Most of wireless APs support multiple users (30-100 computers) access, data encryption,and multi-rate sent. At home or office, a wireless AP can achieve wireless access to all computers. Wireless AP is mainly used for domestic adsl broadband, enterprise networks. Ap wireless technology is now mainly 802.11X series, covering a distance of tens of meters to 100 meters, up to 300 meters. A wireless AP has client mode, that means that wireless signals can be connected between APs to expand wireless network coverage. The post url:http://feilong.org/wireless-ap-en

What is working principle of a wireless AP? Firstly electrical network signals are transmitted through twisted pair cables, secondly wireless APs compile the electrical network signal and turn them into wireless signals,lastly APs transmite wireless signals to the client device such as wireless adapter. It is equivalent to the wireless switch, transmiting wireless signals.

Currently wireless APs can be divided into two categories: simple AP and extended AP.simple AP is what we normally know as wireless ap.

Extended AP is the wireless router as we often talk about. Through wireless routers, adsl users can share Internet connections,and achieve residential shared wireless access. What wireless router is: http://feilong.org/wireless-router-en


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