How to setup wamp on localhost windows

If you want to test mediawiki or wordpress or wordpress mu,feilong should say,the best way is to setup a local php server and test the installation in your computer first. But how to to setup a local php server on Windows?Here is a suitable tool named WAMP for you.

What is wamp?Where to download wamp?How to setup wamp?Referring to This post updated here Edited by feilong on March 25 2010.

1.What is wamp?

WAMP is also named by WampServer,Which can run well on WinXP win2000 win2003 and vista to setup a local php hosting server.It setup Apache MySQL phpmyadmin and PHP once for all.

2.Where to download wamp?

the newest wamp here download or download on brothersoft

you can download WAMP5 here

3.How to setup wamp?

1.If you setup IIS server,edit the defaul IIS port to 88 in order to avoid its confliction with wamp.
2.Run the wamp file you have downloaded.Choose the installation path,”c:\wamp\www\”by defaut or”d:\wamp\www”by feilong.
3.Choose your favorite brower,ie maxthon or firefox.
4.then run wamp,a half-compasses appears on the taskbar.put online and start all servers.”localhost”to open http://localhost
6.feilong tips:If wamp can not putonline or other,just restart your pc,then run wamp.If log default,go to php settings and ignore repeated errors.feilong suggest you to open php “short open tag” and Apache “rewrite_modules”

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