how to enhance or speedup wireless signal

Are you very concerned about the speed of wireless Internet access? Do you just move your notebook a bit and the signal weaks down? Do you want to enhance the wireless signal? See only one or two cell signal? Found that wireless signal sometimes strong and sometimes weak? Internet access slowly? Wireless signal is weak?

How can you do? How can we strengthen the wireless signal, to improve the speed of wireless access to Internet? Feilong here 10 recommendations presented for your reference, this post url: hope it is helpful!

1, place your wireless router close to the central location of the room.
If you have wireless router at home, feilong advise you not to put it at some forgotten corner near the Wall.wireless Internet signals are cutted or weaked by the wall.Put it in the central location as possible ! So that you can move your laptop or notebook to any position, the wireless signal always good. If there are interior doors or windows at the central location, the wireless signals will be better, because of no barrier wall.

2, the wireless router as far as possible away from metal objects and walls.
If closer to the wall,the wireless signal will be blocked and reflected. Wall? if closer to metal objects,the wireless signal will be weakened too.Metal items, including televisions, metal desk, washing machines, refrigerators and so on.  As you know,the floor is similar to the walls, so wireless routers should not be put on the floor!

3, install gain antenna on your wireless router to enhance the capacity of wireless signal transmission.
Feilong suggest you to install gain antenna on your wireless router if you have a chance. A wireless router normally have an external or built-in gain antenna, which are antennas in all directions.Your laptop is put in one direction, so the other is waste of wireless signal. So you can install a directional antenna pointing at where your notebook is!

4, install gain antenna on your wireless wireless adapter to enhance the ability to accept wireless signals.
A wireless adapter can also be installed with a gain antenna to enhance the signal acceptance. Almost all notebooks have built-in wireless adapter. If you are not satisfied with the built-in wireless adapter, install a antenna gain then! How to install? Feilong suggest you to buy a usb wireless adapter which can install an external gain antenna very easily.

5.install a wireless repeater between a wireless router and a wireless adapter
Wireless repeaters mode also known as wireless repeaters,can help you enhance wireless signals too. Feilong advise you install a wireless repeater between a wireless router and a wireless adapter.Refer to


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