pagerank not displayed How to evaluate a webpage

Does Google canceled PageRank display?So webmasters or seoers lose a useful argument to take into consideration.No longer a pagerank of a page,for you do not find it.

Google canceled displaying pagerank,so webmaster or bloggers have difficulty in evaluation of a site or is a sorry news for companies who provide optimization services,and for persons who sell links based on pagerank ever before.

When webmasters exchange links,PageRank is no longer an condition. Perhaps the alexa ranking number, the backlinks number, the Google indexed number,pageviews,user experience,the content quality,instead?

How to evaluate a Webpage after pagerank went away? this post url is edit by feilong on august 12 2010 in shenzhen.

We can create a pagerank on our mind. When you see a webpage, is the interface cool or pleasing? Is the content useful?Is the User experience  fitable to my heart? Does the author update often?has a good alexa rank ? Then we can evaluate this page with a score: 6,7,or 4.

feilong think that the most simple method to evaluate a page is to search in google.Does the page rank well with relative keywords?

feilong believe that google do not give up pagerank technology absolutely. Pagerank technology as one of the core technologies of google will be more developed inside the google company.

Why? Because google must provide high-quality search results to the public, so it must evaluate the contents of each results,including the quality or user experience,all of this is what PageRank needs to reflect. For google,pagerank is a relatively mature technology, Why to give it up?Only not to display anymore.

If there were a new technology to evaluate a webpage,Maybe,pagerank should be discarted. A new technology?We does not know.But most likely it would not be displayed to you and me,either.

Added, pagerank is still displayed on Google toolbar today.


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