WN111 V2 Wireless LAN 3.0 driver

Feilong have bought a new usb wireless adapter,nameed netgear wn111 adapter.was it made in United States I thought? Oh no,just a brand of wireless device,it is made in China.

I bought it for my notebbook to access the wireless Internet WAN in Beijing, because the built-in wireless adapter is not good. But when I went back home in Hubei,I forgot to bring back the driver CD of it.So I had to download the driver from Internet.

Fortunately, I have found the driver,for wireless adapter WN111 V2 on windows xp,and here below is the url:

WN111 V2 Wireless LAN 3.0 For WinXP/Vista/Win7

This post url is http://feilong.org/netgear-wn111-adapter-en

Feilog has also bought a Netgear wireless router to turn adsl into LAN.
Refer to http://feilong.org/netgear-wgt624-wireless-router-en


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