mingle forum wordpress on php4

Mingle forum is a simple WordPress forum plugin based on wp-forum.It is just a plugin and can be updated automatically at your wordpress backend.Simple and easy to use,and can be skinned by yourself. The author is mingle forum

Feilong have test it on localhost(windows vista and xampp), it can not support Chinese words.I wonder if there are Chinese language package  or other languages?

But when I test it on my website(Unix and php4.*),Chinese is OK.but….something wrong with BBCode.php in line 58

I have asked Cartpauj the author of this plugin,he said that my php needs to be upgraded.But I do not want to do that,for it is troublesome to ask the web hosting provider and perhaps it is dangerous for other sites on this web hosting.

So feilong tried to edit the BBCode.php,and by chance successfully resolved it.But how?

1.Open BBCode.php with EditPlus or notepad, then go to line 58,
$subjectTwo = str_ireplace($findQ, $replaceQ, $subject);

2. then replace str_ireplace iwith str_replace

Feilong come to know the difference between str_ireplace and str_replace

str_ireplace supports PHP5 — Case-insensitive version of str_replace()
str_replace supports PHP4 and PHP5 — Replace all occurrences of the search string with the replacement string

The last question is,Does mingle forum support category slug and fancy url?

The default url of some category or forum is,is ,for eaxmple

Thanks to mingle forum and php.net.This post update url is http://feilong.org/mingle-forum-wordpress


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