LINKSYS wireless antenna the best or not

Poor wireless network signal? 70% and 50% of the network transmission rates? Signal dropped to around 20% may appear dropped. Signal unstable, intermittent, so you get angry?

How to improve wireless network signal? One direct and effective way is to increase the signal coverage of wireless routers.

Costs are not very great,just add a gain antenna on your wireless router. First determine whether the wireless router can be added with an external antenna?

Ordinary wireless routers use gain antenna of 2dbi or 3dbi mostly. Higher gain antenna more money you will cost.Antennas on markets which gain 5dbi will cost RMB 230 yuan. Evan the price of a used one should up to be RMB 80 yuan.

Brand Linksys is the best antenna Feilong think.Generally it can gain 5dbi. Linksys has 5dBi gain antennas specifically assigned for the wireless router WRT54GC,for eaxmple.This post url:

In addition to LINKSYS antennas, there are Dopod antennas, Likuda antennas for wireless routers , SMA high gain omnidirectional antennas, Cisco intelligent omni antenna,ect.

Popular gain antenna on

You should ask the shopowners something about gain antennas perhaps.


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