How to intall Joomla easily

Joomla based on php + mysql, it is a cms winner for several times. It can publish blogs,articles, pictures, albums,you can change template, you can also plug-in extensions. If you want to setup blog community yous should use Joomla. How to intall Joomla easily? Refer to edit by feilong 091225-10=100816-11


1, Local test? Php environment wamp or xampp:  then your browser and enter, enter phpmymyadmin,create new database,user name and password.
2, Online installation? Free webhosting feilong collected ever.  but feilong suggest you had better buy a good webhosting. Asked the hosting provider the database information. If you have cPanel, you can creat new database generally in utf-8 encoding.
3, download joomla

Second, upload Joomla source

1, if local test, rename the joomla folder and upload it to the php server wamp or xampp.
2, if online installation, directly via ftp upload Joomla.ftp tool:

Third,install Joomla

1, enter the installation directory or your domain name, see the tips.
2, complete database information. Host name: localhost. username and
3, enter sitename, email, website management username and password. next.
4, install the demonstration data or not. next.
5, delete the installation directory.
6, enter backend of joomla.



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