how to kill ie6 suggestions

Although there are many fans for IE6, its market share is rapidly declining. Technology eliminates the need for IE6, and IE6 has become a historical memory. How to kill ie6? Feilong here suggests in this post

1,The popularity of win7
win7 becomes more popular,it will replace XP sooner or later. So IE8 integrating with win7,will replace IE6 sooner or later.

2,Websites no supporting for IE6
Google has announced that its services such as Gmail,Docs or other stop supporting for IE6, this will urge users to upgrade to a better and standard browser,such as IE8 Firefox Opera Safari or Chrome. More and more websites take part in the same announcement as Google.

3,Personal websites or bloggers resistance to IE6 consciously
Personal websites or bloggers hate a lot of compatibility problems in ie6, so they resist IE6 consciously by way of neglecting the appearance of websites in IE6,moreover,just as feilong has done,neglecting visitors who use IE6 to my blog.

4,Respect the loyal users of ie6
If you browser such as Firefox,wants to win the hearts of the old users of IE6, you must respect the users’ habits in IE6. Keep some of ie6’s looks and features,and let them to choose conveniently. If you do so, it will actively eliminates ie6,and accelerates the development of technology.


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