are you using free web hosting or paid web hosting

For my friend who is learning making a website from start, you can have a try on free web hosting. to have an experience of how to promote and make money online. Where is good free web hostings? Refer to:

Try to find some satisfactory free web hostings for you,which support FTP, is stabble.That is OK.

Of course, there are some free webhostings absolutely with no ads, but is it stabble for a long time I wonder? So feilong remind you of usually protecting website database.Just in case!

As for free, free web hostings usually have mandatory ads appearing on your page. After all, people rely on this to keep the maintenance of the server. Feilong feel, it is jusk ok if those ads are not disgustful.

Then,Which should I choose?which is better?free web hosting or paid web hosting? Which one are you using?This post updated url:

My experience:Feilong received a email today, it said that the free webhosting I used had not been opened already. If you want to continue with the free web hosting, I need to promote the free webhosting. Feilong have no time to do tha. Have that.If I have time,why not promote my own site

Really,Free web hosting is nothing good! Feilong have bought a paid web hosting:

A paid web hosting is the best choice and the most peace of mind!



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