install external antenna on USB wireless adapter

A wireless adapter usually has built-in antenna. it is not convenient for you to install external gain antenna instead. How to install an external antenna on a USB wireless adapter?someone has transformed the built-in antenna,and connected it with a usb extension cable, then connected to the other antenna.

After transformation, the signals of the wireless adapter is better than ever.But it is not easy to transform.

Usb wireless adapter inside open, the structure,the antenna connection socket!

Buy a transfer cable to directly plug to the antenna connection socket. But transfer cables expensive? Built-in antenna is in the middle.

Remove the original antenna,and weld the signal line. It is the trouble and full of risks.

the shelled external wireless adapter,and the extended cable.

If you have money,buy an usb wireless adapter with an external antenna.It is nice,and peace of mind. In fact, the transformation of the built-in wireless adapter, and the installation of an external antenna, all aims at making a usb wireless adapter with an external antenna by DIY(DIY means Do It Youself)

The following is a wireless adapter with external antenna.Note the external antenna is build-out, not connected-out.You can find a way to connect a cable between the usb wireless adapter and the external antenna.So that should be called an outside antenna!

Of course, you can extend the antenna of your wireless router outside with an RG-58 cable.


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