Duplicate Meta Descriptions rewrite url for google

Google Web content analysis, suggesting that Duplicate Meta Descriptions? meta descriptions help Google understand your site content. Feiong recommend you to use different description in different page,so Google can understand the content better and present a more accurate search results. Avoid using a large number of parameters in the URL.let Google handle more convenient. This post update url: http://feilong.org/chongfu-yuan-shuoming-google-en eidt by feilong on August 12,2010 in Shenzhen

First, create an easy URL structure for Google  to deal with.

1, url structure should be as simple as possible, logical and easy to understand, using words rather than long numbers. WordPress has the inherent advantage of this. Such as this page’s slug name: chongfu-yuan-shuoming-google

2, feilong suggest you to use a hyphen – instead of the underscore _ If the slug of this post were: chongfuyuanshuominggoogle, I believe you will be surprised.

3,A url which contains multiple parameters is troublesome for google.It produces a large number of unnecessary url pointing at the same content. Thus Googlebot consume large amounts of bandwidth,and your site may not be able to completely indexed by google.

Second, reasons leading to too many dublicate Descriptions content or url?

1, one content but different views,such as list or thumbnail of posts.
2, dynamicall generated documents.too many URL parameters. For example, the session ID generated a large number of duplicate URLs.
3, sorting parameters. Some shopping sites provide multiple ways to sort the same item.
4, the calendar issue. Dynamically generated calendar might generate future and past dates with useless links.
5, damaged relative links. those links are often dead cycle.

Third, to avoid potential problems with URL structure, follow these recommendations below:

1, to use robots.txt to prevent Googlebot Access problematic URLs.
2, to block dynamic URLs, such as search results, or calendar links.
3, to avoid the session ID in the URL,use Cookie instead.
4, to cut out unnecessary URL parameters as short as possible.
5, to add nofollow attribute to calendar links and achieve links.
6, to check whether there is damaged relative links.
7,use canonical attribution of a link to assign unique URL of a post.In WordPress header.php,code:
<?php if ( is_singular() ) echo ‘<link rel=”canonical” href=”‘ . get_permalink() . ‘” />’;?>

Fourth, what is a good meta description?

1, Give different descriptions on different pages.
2, relevant,simple,fluent,and easy to understand.

Not very good description:
<META NAME=”Description” CONTENT=”[domain:fei]: hali(7):yeye: books: JK Rowling,Mary GrandPré author: JK Rowling,Mary GrandPré”>

Much better description:
<meta name=”Description” content=”author: JK Rowling, photographer: Mary GrandPré, category: Books,price: $17.99, total pages: 784″>

3, you can produce diffeerent descriptions with programme.
It is simple to manually add a description when you publish a post.But for a large website, it is too impossible to hand-written descriptions.


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