how fix admin no permission access wordpress mu siteadmin

When I login wordpress mu with the admin,I can not find wpmu-admin menus!Why?So feilong tried,it appears:You do not have permission to access this to fix the admin delete problem of wordpress mu?

but I still cant change the new blog role from admin to subscriber — under site admin options / I changed the the Dashboard User Default Role to subscriber — but the admin role doesnt change — which creates a problem since I would like to remove the theme option form my bloggers.

Is there a way to fix this — i installed six plugins and nothing fixed it *Hide Dashboard *Toggle Admin Menus *cets_blog_defaults *Role Manager *Trim Admin Menu.

Her is how you fix the admin delete
In DB wp_sitemeta table
under site_admins Edit the meta_value and paste in the following (completely replacing the existing content):



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