Adman Ad Rotator Adsense plugins for wordpress

Never directly mixed ads with the content if you want to have ads on your blog.Need not modify your wordpress themes to integrate them.  Use plugin such as AdMan Ad Rotator or Adsense.


You just setup your ad code.Put your ad code in differently styled divs. Use Adman,The ads either come before your content, or after your content, or in your sidebar.You can specify in your post where the ads should appear. Just use the comment <!– adman –> But I don’t like this way.

Ad Rotator

Rotates Ads randomly from a specified text file .author,Angsuman Chakraborty.


Inserts Google Adsense inside your posts where you see fit. Simple to use: download adsense plugin,Edit the adsense.php file to use your Adsense code instead of mine; Activate the wordpress plugin; Click the “Adsense” button on the quicktags bar to insert the Adsense marker in your posts. Phil Hord.


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