choose 3G or wifi when using wireless Internet

What is 3G?What is wireless internet? In China cdma or GPRS,similar to wcdma are 3G or wireless Internet. This wireless Internet, using mobile wireless electromagnetic waves to send signals to laptops or notebooks. You need a wireless network card and a charged card. The benefit of 3G is, as long as there is cell phone signal,there is wireless signals to your notebook.

What is wifi In China if you home have adsl and a wireless router, you can set up a wireless wifi! Adsl household is essentially a local area network. Wired lines transmit wired signal, and wireless routers turn wired signal into wireless signals,and the wireless adapter inside your laptop receive the wireless signals.

So are you using 3G or wifi when you want to connect intenet?3G or wifi,you should depend on which is faster in wireless aceess speed? Below is this post

At present,the speed of 3G is still far from meeting the needs of wireless Internet. Someone compares 3G with a cattle car.For me when I use CDMA wireless network card, the speed is too slow to death!Never the less at present, 3G is more expensive than wifi!

If you really want to use 3G, then which do you choose, cdma or GPRS:


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